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Quality and Affordable Epoxy Floor Coating in Houston, TX

It can be tough to find a flooring solution that lasts through the ultimate test of time. However, epoxy coating makes the process easier. At Tip Top Texas, we specialize in epoxy floor coating in Houston, TX, and its surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in providing our residential and commercial clients with a layer that protects their flooring for years to come.

For more than eight years, we’ve been responsible for epoxy coat applications across town. We’ve helped countless clients achieve polished and stainless floors through our service.

How Will Epoxy Coating Benefit Your Floors?

Honest and Reasonable Prices

Epoxy is often preferred over other concrete floor coatings, and with good reason. When you allow our exports to coat your concrete flooring with epoxy, you benefit from plenty of factors.

Some of these benefits might include:

  • Affordability: Compared to other coatings, epoxy is hard to top in terms of price, especially if we’re applying the epoxy coat.
  • Durability: Epoxy flooring has a greater lifespan than others of its type.
  • Resistance: Epoxy coating is impervious to spills of any sort. Ultimately, this is the reason why most commercial businesses opt for epoxy.


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Our Full Range of Services

Epoxy coating can help you protect your floors from wear and tear.

Epoxy Coating

Get a beautiful stamped overlay for your driveway, patio, and more.

Stamped Overlay

Instead of completely removing your old concrete, have our team resurface it!

Concrete Resurfacing

Stain your concrete and bring new and beautiful life to ordinary concrete.

Concrete Staining

Make your surfaces look as good as new through our pressure washing solution

Pressure Washing

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